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Specialists in Cosplay & Replicas.


3D CosProps got several years of experience and the means to create and help other people with their cosplay and replicas.

In 3D CosProps, we put our passion and a lot of attention to details in each project we create to make excellent pieces. You can check the page “Projects” to see some examples.

¡We updated ourself to reach more people! We opened a shop in Gumroad to sell our blueprints and 3D Models to help more people around the world with their projects. If you want to support us consider checking if there is anything there that you need, if not we will create it. In case you would like to check, here is the link:

We offer a wide variety of solutions that fit the client’s needs. Discover more about the technics we use here:

3D CosProps can create a lot of variety  of 3D Models for your projects in case you already have a 3D printer. We take care of preparating the model for printing if you need it. We use Blender for our models.
And in case that you don’t have a 3D printer, you can contact us and we will print it for you! 

3D CosProps can design 2D patterns using Pepakura or Inkscape for your armor or props for cosplay.
We can do blueprints for weapons so you can cut them in any material you want to use, for example with wood. 
Or we can do shapped patterns for armor or accesories, flatten them and then you can give it shape with the desired material, for example EVA foam.

3D CosProps can print your projects using a FDM printer (a extrusion printer that works with fused plastic and creates objects layer by layer) and send you the pieces so you can finish it as you like it. This printer is good for big pieces with low level of detail. You can give us your 3D models or we can make them for you. 

This is the other printing technology that we have in 3D CosProps. It’s a SLA printer that solidify the resin using UV light, layer by layer until finishing the piece. It can print very detailed objects using Resin. 
With this printer we can create a lot of different things like figurines, stamps or jewels for your projects.

As a lot of cosplayers we also started with this material. With our knowledge and experience we can create epic armors or accesories.

Do you have any project that you want to do but you don't know how? 

3D CosProps will help you to make your project a reality. If you want to know more about our Services you should visit that section or in case that you already have and idea in mind of what you need, go to the section of Commissions and send us a message. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your project or solve any doubts you may have.

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