Lanling Wang Mask

Game: Fate/Grand Order

Character: Saber, Lanling Wang


  • 3D PLA Filament
  • XTC-3D Epoxy
  • 2 Tear shaped jewels
  • Some Sphere shaped jewels
  • Violet laces
  • Fishing line
  • Masking tape
  • Instant glue
  • Paints (Primer, Black, Golden and Violet)
Lanling Wang Mask Render
Render of the mask

Build Process:
This project was 3D printed using our Creality Ender 3 and was 3D modeled by us. It was separated in 4 pieces: main mask, both horns and the jewel.

Once every part was printed, I sanded each part separated so it was easier to work with them. In some cases is better to use some putty and let  it dry so it would be even easier to sand it.

Right now we have every part smoothed, it was time to glue all of them together! I used instant glue for all the pieces.

We got one piece instead of four! At this point is time to use XTC-3D Epoxy. I covered all the piece. This removed all remaining printing lines that are still visible and the seams between pieces.

Once it’s dry (after 6 hours more or less) we only need to sand it with a low grain sand paper until it have a good smooth surface and it will be ready to be primed and painted.

For painting this mask, the golden paint was a bit tricky. First we needed to primer it using a grey paint followed with a black paint for the horns and other details.

Next was the golden paint, we have tested a lot of them and it takes a lot to dry. First we had to mask with tape all the parts that had to be black. We used a gold spray this time. We let it dry for some days and then removed the tape.

Few more steps to finish it. First one was to paint with brush all the violet parts. After that we did some holes on both sides of the mask, these are to pass the violet lace through it. We used a Youtube tutorial to do the knot (you can search about them as “omamori tie”) and after some tries we got good results. We fixed them using instant glue. 

The jewel was painted with brush using different grades of violet to simulate lights and shadows and then it was covered with an XTC-3D epoxy layer to gave a shiny effect.

The last decorations are easy. We used some tear shaped jewels and passed a fishing line through a little hole at the tip. We passed both sides for the fishing line through some sphere shaped jewels and tied the fishing line through the omamori tie.

And it’s done! If you have any question you can ask below, hope you liked it!

Lanling Wang WIP
Raw printed pieces
Lanling Mask Fate/GO
Finished Mask
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